👉Create a Pinterest Business account
👉Optimize your business profile
👉Connect your website to Pinterest
👉Find keywords for your pins
👉Create boards for your main keywords
👉Follow best practices of pin creation
👉Write good descriptions
👉Boost engagement
👉Track analytics and adjust on time

Include Infographic in Your Blog Posts to maximize Social Share, Traffic & make sure to follow the below tips:

👉Remember the main message you’re communicating as you choose your typography, colors, and layout.
👉Just like a good blog post starts with a blog outline, plan what you want to visualize in your infographic to provide factual & actionable information.
👉Email it to the Influencers in your niche, & distribute it to infographic sites like Visually
👉Find the big ideas in your infographic, and figure out how you’ll draw attention to specific elements. Remove the clutter to provide focus.
👉Practice the five fundamentals of good design: consistency, repetition, alignment, hierarchy, and proximity.

Your audience is always looking for new ways to solve their problems.
You need to give them something new that can solve their problem — a method that’s working for you, has already solved your problem, and something different that no one has covered before.
Here are Tips to write a new method post:

👉Find the unique angle that you used to solve a problem
👉Convert it into a step-by-step solution.
👉Name it something descriptive of what it is, but no one has used it before.
👉Tell your readers why it’s important for them.
👉Share your unique solution with an influencer who can help you promote it.

01. Template space for text: Each page template should contain areas for descriptive text.

02. Text versus images: the words on your pages should be indexable text and not just embedded in images

03. First-pageview visibility

04. Readability: Text should be visible and easily readable

05. Finger taps: If buttons and clickable link elements are closer than this, shoppers will have trouble selecting the option they want.

👉 Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

👉 Get More Real Customer Reviews

👉 Use Facebook Local Marketplace

👉 Localize Your Content Marketing

👉 Get Location-specific Links

👉 Get Listed In Local Directories

👉 Verify Your Social Media Business Profiles

👉 Use Facebook Ads To Target Local Customers

👉 Use Retargeting To Reach Your Existing Customers

👉 Focus On Mobile Users

👉 Target Local Customers With Google And Bing Ads

👉 Create Dedicated Landing Pages For Your Local Location.

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