6 tips to optimize your content for Featured Snippets using lists

There is a way to get your list to show as a featured snippet and dramatically increase your CTR (Click Through Rates).

  • Make sure that you place your list high in your post — It doesn’t have to be at the very top but try not to ‘bury’ the list in the content.
  • Add an optimized H2 or H3 heading as the list title — Make it specific. If the list is about SEO tips then name the list “Best SEO Tips” or something related, but keep it short and to the point.
  • Make sure that each list item has an h2 or h3 as the title — I usually format the list title as H2 and the list item titles as H3. Keep the list item titles short and specific.
  • Use <ul> and <li> tags for the list items — Create your list using <UL><LI> tags. Don’t use tables or paragraphs but use the <ul> HTML tag to help Google crawlers understand that it’s a list.
  • Keep the list formatting simple — Don’t use arrows, custom bullets or another styling that may confuse Google.
  • Link each list item title to the corresponding item– Optional but highly recommended. Think about this like creating a table of contents for a book.